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May on the Brokenstraw
Lovely, Lazy, Leafy days,
    Hill and hollows hang with haze,
Early flying bees are humming,
    In the woods the grouse are drumming;
Take your choice, but as for me,
    Here is where I love to be,
List'ning to the black crows cew,
    Roaming 'long the Brokenstraw.

Loafing by the old mill pond,
    See the minnow's shining school,
Watch them dart and play and run,
    Flash and flicker in the sun.
Watch the black bass as he shoots
    Down among his willow roots,
Hear the plowman's 'gee' and 'haw,'
    Roaming 'long the Brokenstraw.

How the wandering wistful breeze
    Brings the perfume of the trees;
Apple orchards, pink and white,
    And the wild crab's sweet delight.
See the bluebells sway and nod
    Close above the springing sod;
Who could half the picture draw,
    Here beside the Brokenstraw?

Keep your city, have your town,
    Let me wander up and down
Where the bubbling riffles sing
    Their external song of spring.
Every bush and bird and tree
    Has is vernal joy for me;
Magic in the far crow's cew,
    May is on the Brokenstraw.

By Arch Bristow May 1939

Taken from THE HAY RAKE,
A country Magazine for City People