Heart & Soul

Bringing together the Heart & Soul of our community, the homegrown heroes, our true spirit, our residents.

Youngsville Begins with You!

Brokenstraw Township
Pittsfield Township Youngsville Borough

What is Youngsville Heart & Soul?

Bringing Members of our Youngsville Community
together to give everyone an opportunity to use their
voices to help build a stronger, healthier, more robust
community based on fellowship and respect.
Art by LOGO Contest Winner, Kinzlea Chase

Who is Youngsville Heart & Soul?

Youngsville Heart & Soul is everyone in the community;
the entire population. Everyone has a voice and
we strive to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts,
experiences, and vision for the future of our community.
Tell us what you LOVE about the Youngsville community.

We are eager to LISTEN and share what you have to say.
Our goal for Youngsville and the surround community
is to light a spark, to inspire a feeling of togetherness,
where we are all proud to live, work, play and learn.
Join Us!

Join Our Team!
Volunteer with Youngsville Heart & Soul

Are you interested in giving back to your home community?
Do you enjoy talking to your neighbors and hearing what they love
about the Youngsville community?
Volunteers are always welcome!
volunteer, hands, help-2055043.jpg

We’re excited to gather ideas, stories,
insights and suggestions from YOU!

Take a few minutes to share what you LOVE about,
what you might HOPE to see for the future of Youngsville
and the surrounding communities.
Whether you’ve lived here for a few months, a few years, or your entire life,
we want to hear from you!

Youngsville Heart & Soul is supported by

This project has been supported in part by PA Humanities, the Federal-State Partner of
the National Endowment for the Humanities
through a grant from Route 6 AllianceHeritage Corridor
funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.